Illustration ხშირად დასმული შეკითხვები

ხშირად დასმული შეკითხვები აიოლებს მერების შეთანხმების შესახებ თქვენს კითხვებზე პასუხების მიღებას. შეკითხვა გაგიჩნდათ? იხილეთ ხშირად დასმული შეკითხვების გვერდი.

    Соглашение Мэров
    1. What is the Covenant of Mayors?
    2. What commitments do Covenant signatories have to fulfil?
    3. What do the Covenant signatories get in return?
    4. Why is it free to sign up for the Covenant of Mayors?
    Соглашение мэров по климату и энергии
    1. What is new in the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy?
    2. My local authority is already a signatory of the Covenant of Mayors - How can we sign up to the new Covenant commitments?
    Процедура присоединения к Соглашению
    1. Who can join?
    2. How to join as a municipality?
    3. How to join as a group of municipalities
    4. When to join?
    5. Who shall sign the adhesion form?
    6. How to submit the adhesion form?
    7. How to check the status of Signatory?
    Офис Соглашения Мэров
    1. What is the Covenant of Mayors Office (CoMO)?
    2. What you can expect from the CoMO?
    3. What is the Covenant of Mayors - East Office (CoMO-East)?
    4. What you can expect from the CoMO-East?
    Создания соответствующих административных структур
    1. Why creation of administrative structures is needed?
    Базовый кадастр выбросов (БКВ)
    1. What is a Baseline Emission Inventory?
    2. Is it possible to use existing tools for calculating the CO2 emissions?
    3. Which is the baseline year for calculating the CO2 emissions?
    4. What is the scope of the Baseline Emission Inventory?
    5. What approach may be chosen when establishing the Baseline Emission Inventory?
    6. Which sectors should be considered in the Baseline Emission Inventory?
    7. When to carry out a Monitoring Emission Inventory (MEI)?
    Оценка риска и уязвимости (ОРУ)
    1. What is a Risk and Vulnerability Assessment?
    2. Where to find support to prepare a Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA)?
    Инструмент справочных данных
    1. What Reference Data Tool is?
    2. Which sectors and energy carriers are covered by RDT?
    План действий по устойчивому энергетическому развитию (ПДУЭР)/ПДУЭРК
    1. What is a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) or Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP)?
    2. Which sectors/fields of action are considered in a SEAP and in a SECAP?
    3. Can an already existing local climate and energy plan (SEAP) be sufficient to fulfil the requirements a SEAP/SECAP?
    4. When to submit the SEAP/SECAP?
    5. How to submit the SEAP/SECAP?
    6. How can a group of Covenant signatories submit a joint action plan?
    7. How to request an extension of your SEAP/SECAP submission deadline?
    8. What if the SEAP/SECAP has not been submitted within the deadline?
    9. What happens once the SEAP is submitted? - SEAP/SECAP assessment
    1. What is a reporting template?
    2. In what format is the template available?
    3. When filling in the SEAP/SECAP template, should the Covenant signatories only report on data of their Baseline Emission Inventory (BEI) or can they share further inventories already compiled since the baseline year?
    4. When filling in the SEAP/SECAP template, should the Covenant signatories also report on some of the actions already carried out causing considerable CO2 emission reductions?
    5. How to estimate the expected final CO2 reductions per sector in the SEAP/SECAP template?
    6. What if your CO2 reduction target has a different horizon than 2020 or 2030?
    Отчет о реализации
    1. What is a monitoring report?
    2. What should the monitoring report include and when should it be submitted?
    3. How to submit the monitoring report?
    Примеры передового опыта
    1. What is a Benchmark of Excellence?
    2. How to submit a Benchmark of Excellence?
    Местные Дни энергии
    1. What is a Local Climate and Energy Day?
    2. Why organise Local Climate and Energy Days?
    3. How to get support?
    Механизмы финансирования
    1. Which financial facilities to use?
    2. What is available for local authorities under the Horizon 2020 programme?
    Сторонники Соглашения
    1. What is a Covenant Supporter?
    2. How, in practice, are Covenant Supporters involved in the initiative and what are the benefits?
    3. How to apply?
    Координаторы Соглашения
    1. What is a Covenant Coordinator?
    2. What is the role of Covenant Coordinators?
    3. How, in practice, are the Covenant Coordinators involved in the initiative and what are the benefits?
    4. How to apply?
    Местные и региональные энергетические агентства
    1. Why should the LAREAs be involved in the Covenant of Mayors?
    2. How to get involved in the Covenant of Mayors process?
    Платформа сотрудничества Соглашения Мэров Восток
    1. What is the cooperation platform?
    2. Who can subscribe?
    3. What topics shall be discussed?
    4. Language
    5. Where and how can I subscribe?
    6. How to use the cooperation platform?
    7. How to unsubscribe?
    8. Privacy
    მონაცემთა გაცვლა
    მობილურის მეშვეობით
    გახდით შეთანხმების
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    ყოველთვიური საინფორმაციო
    ბიულეტენის გამოწერა
    სიახლეების რეალურ
    დროში მისაღებად
    ევროკომისიის ევროკომისიის. მერების შეთანხმების ოფისების მიერ კოორდინირებული ვებგვერდი.
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